22 Things to Know About Shannon Jackowski, United States of America’s Mrs.

1. What did the journey to your crown look like? I have been competing in pageants for over 10 years. I started in 2009 when I was preparing for a Regional baton twirling competition. I wanted to get my new dress on the floor and get some nerves out before my baton competition. Little did I know that was the beginning of my pageant journey.

2. What tips would you give to pageant competitors? Have fun!!! That was one of the biggest changes I did for this year that really helped my journey. I did not focus on the other competitors as competitors but other accomplished women who are striving towards their goals.

3. Do you have a favorite wine, or drink? I typically like semi-sweet sparkling wines, my favorite brand is Stella Rosa and of course I love me some Prosecco!!!

4. Dream pageant gown designer? Gasper Cruz!!! I met Gasper in 2013 and have only worn his gowns since… I won my national title in my Gasper dress.

5. What are your makeup go-to’s for a quick beat? Eyebrows, mascara and of course lips gloss. If I only have a quick second those are the three things I glam with. 

Pageantry aside, Shannon also serves her community as a school police officer with the Kelly Independent School District. (Photo Cred: Sue Altenburg)

6. What was your first pageant competition like? I competed in a preliminary to the Miss Hawaii (MAO) [competition] as twirling was my talent and my passion. Like I said before, I was competing to get ready for my regional baton twirling competition that was coming up. But then I won!! Craziest part was after I won, I didn’t even have time to stay after and take photos, my mom rushed me over to my track meet at the University of Hawaii. I changed in the car, she drove me to the track, I ran to the start line and BANG the gun went off for the race to start!! After my track meet, I changed again into my baton twirling costume where I performed at the volleyball game. 

7. Current read? I just finished The Escape Room, by Megan Goldin

8. Which portion of competition is your fave? It’s not a portion that is typically thought of judged, but the part where I go out into my community, meet new wonderful faces and have the chance to encourage someone to never give up on their dreams and goals. 

9. If you could travel anywhere where would you go? My husband, Chance and I love the water. We currently live in Colorado but met in Hawaii. We have always talked about going on a cruise of somesort. I would say I want to go on cruise to multiple tropical paradises. 

10. How do you balance your pageant, work, and personal life? It can definitely be difficult at times but with the right support system anything is achievable. I have to admit that my calendar is how I am able to remember things. I tell Chance all the time if I don’t write something down, I am going to forget 🙂 

Fun Fact: Shannon received a scholarship for Baton Twirling at the University of Hawaii, where she met her husband on the beach!
(Photo Cred: Instagram)

11. Give us a good motivational quote that inspires you: My favorite quote actually comes from my mother. She always instilled in me, “try your hardest and your best and be proud of your accomplishments.”

12. Would you consider yourself a hero? As a law enforcement officer for over 9 years, I have met many people in my life that have changed my way of thinking. I believe anyone who is willing to risk their life for someone else’s can be considered a hero. I am 4th generation law enforcement and I am a proud army wife to my military police Soldier. 

13. Bedtime routine? I am totally hooked on a new show, ‘What If?’ on netflix. We typically watch at least one episode before we go to bed. If I am not currently hooked on a show, I usually read a couple chapters of whatever book I am reading to help me unwind from the day. 

14. What artist are on your playlist? I typically just listen to Pandora and I have two main stations that I rotate between. Either Today’s Country Radio or Today’s Hits. I must admit that right now I am listening to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill mix, mainly because I can listen to the the last song we danced to from our wedding, ‘The Rest of My Life.’ 

15. How did you decide on your evening gown? Gaspar Cruz has been designing my gowns since 2013. I trust his designs and feel amazing when I wear his gowns. He has a way of knowing just what gown, color and design will make each of his girls sparkle at their best. 

Shannon is the proud step mom of 11 year-old, Lilly Anne. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

16. What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself? Dedicated, quirky and compassionate. 

17.  Favorite junk food? PIZZA!!!!!! My family knows that after every pageant we have to get Pizza!! After nationals this year, Chance found a place, was going to have it delivered to the hotel and at the last minute he whisked us away to the restaurant. 

18. One global issue that tugs at your heart: I have been fortunate to have partnered with my platform of T.A.P.S (Teen and Police Services) for the last several years. T.A.P.S focuses on reducing the social distance between police and teens while creating an understanding of each other in order to engage, de-escalate and improve communities. This is an area that is close to my heart and I think creating positive relationships with our youth and law enforcement can create lasting impressions. 

19. What is your favorite movie? Miss Congeniality!!! As a police officer, baton twirling and pageant contestant, I feel like that movie was made for my life.

20. Who would you consider to be your hero? Anyone who puts their life on the line for someone else. First Responders, our military and the generations that came before which paved the way. 

21. How do you unwind on a Sunday evening? My favorite Sundays are the ones we are able to have our daughter Lily Anne, who primarily lives with her mother in Texas. We put on a chick flick, of course, we paint nails, do hair and makeup. Our chocolate labrador Princess Aurora Marie usually ends up sitting on our laps (she is 45 lbs) and Chance is there with us too, enjoying our chick flick 🙂 The best way to unwind is to be with my family. 

22. Give us your best Pageant Patty answer: Describe your perfect date? Chance and I actually met on the beach in Hawaii. But one of my favorite dates we had was a picnic on the beach where we watched the sunset, listened to the ocean and enjoyed each other’s company. I actually have a picture where we took of our shadows against a rock on that very day. 

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