22 Things to Know About Alyssa Klinzing, Miss Kansas USA 2019

  1. What did the journey to your crown look like? My journey to the crown took many years of hard work, dedication, and growth. I competed as a Miss three times, and each year I came back to compete as a better version of Alyssa than I was the year before! Looking back I can see why I didn’t win my state title before I did, I wasn’t quite ready and God needed to make sure I was prepared for the honor of competing for Miss USA! I wouldn’t change his timing for the world.
  2. What tips would you give to pageant competitors? The biggest tip I can give is to find your voice and be able to stand up for yourself. It can be very easy for a girl to find herself “molded” into what others want them to be and lose herself during the process, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to present yourself on stage as the most authentic person you can be. Stay true to yourself!
  3. Do you have a favorite wine, or drink? I’m pretty guilty of being involved in the white cleaning craze.
  4. Dream pageant gown designer? My dream dress designer is Valdrin Sahiti.
  5. What are your makeup go to’s for a quick beat? I try to wear minimal makeup on a daily basis! I stick with the NYX BB cream, my Nikita Dragun Face palette for bronzer and blush, Covergirl setting powder, mascara, a good nude shade Kylie lip kit and the Morphe finishing spray! I think a natural look is always the most beautiful!
Fun Fact: Alyssa was perviously Miss Kansas Teen USA in 2013! (Photo Cred: Antisdels Photography)

6. What was your first pageant competition like? My first pageant was when I was 13. I wore a 20 dollar dress from Dillard’s, my mom did my makeup and hair, I had no coaching, but I went and just had a really good time! NAM is where I caught the pageant bug, even though I never won a title!

7. Current read? I’m currently listening to true crime podcasts! I have kind of shifted from booms to podcasts in the past 6 months since I can listen during my commutes.

8. Which portion of competition is your fave? I love competing in interview! I have a really outgoing and bubbly personality so getting to showcase that to the judges is always my favorite!

9. If you could travel anywhere where would you go? If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Santorini Greece!

10. How do you balance your pageant, work, and personal life? It’s very hard to balance pageants with work, school, and a social life. It’s all about organizing your schedule and sacrificing certain things here and there to make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin. I tend to find myself spread pretty thin as I try to be there for everyone and give my time to other things, which is something I have been personally working on to change. Prioritizing your mental health is more important than anything!

Alyssa placed top 10 at the 2019 Miss USA Pageant. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

11. Give us a good motivational quote that inspires you: “She remembered who she was and the game changed.” -Lalah Delilah

12. Would you consider to be your Shero? RBG is for sure my Shero, she is an incredibly strong woman who has worked hard to break glass ceilings not only for herself, but for all women in this country. Give “On The Basis Of Sex” a watch, it will inspire you to work hard and chase your wildest dreams.

13. What does your bedtime routine consist of? I usually work evening shifts that get off pretty late so my routine at night consists of taking my makeup off with my makeup eraser, washing my face, brushing my teeth and falling asleep on my face.

14. What artist are on your playlist? I listen to a lot of Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

15. How did you decide on your evening gown? Getting my evening gown for Miss USA was not what I expected it to be. I searched through over 20 racks of dresses and wasn’t really drawn to anything, I tried on about 4 dresses and asked Sherri if she could modify the bodice on my favorite dress to make it more flattering on my body type which lead to my final design!

This beauty queen loves ANYTHING sour with her candy. (Photo Cred: Dinesha Lashay)

16. What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself? 3 words to describe myself are independent, trustworthy, and straightforward.

17. Favorite junk food? I can get down with any sour candies!

18. One global issue that tugs at your heart: One global issue I hold close to heart is climate change. This is an issue that will leave no person or place untouched and it is up to the people to protect and preserve our planet for future generations! Right now I am very focused on getting people involved in the 2020 election and asking voters to focus closely on the candidates who are fighting to protect our planet!

19. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is The Impossible, if you haven’t seen it be sure to give it a go!

20. Who would you consider to be your hero? My hero is The Rock because I fully believe if I am ever in danger he’s going to be the one to come save me🤣 He has always been my favorite actor!

21. How do you unwind on a Sunday evening? To unwind I really like to workout and just get completely lost in the music! It makes the time go by really fast!

22. Give us your best Pageant Patty answer: Describe your perfect date: My perfect date is no date at all because dating is complicated and I would rather down a pint of ice cream with my girlfriends while watching The Bachelor🤣

You can hear more from Alyssa including her time competing for Miss Teen USA in 2013 and how it changed as she competed as a Miss years later, her growth from teen to Miss, why women should take on leadership roles in politics and how she survived a domestic violence relationship. Stream Alyssa’s episode on Pageants & Prosecco, the Podcast, available everywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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