Miss USA 2021 Preliminary Picks

Pageants & Prosecco, The Podcast Miss USA 2021 Top 20 Pics

Who do you have winning Miss USA 2021?

You know I am always super spot on and can tell who is going to take the crown! Trust me as your leading pageant picking professional LOL! In this episode on the eve of Super Bowl Sunday aka Miss USA.. I am narrowing down my faves for the crown. It was hard for me to pick a full 20 because I know at least 7 women who I personally would have as the next Miss USA (whom those women are are revealed at the end)!

Nonetheless, I am really amazed at the work Crystle Stewart is putting in and I am certain MY picks are Miss Universe ready today. They need no additional help and are ready to represent on that international stage in just three weeks!

Grab your glass and narrow down your faves with me in this episode. As usual, I will be back for a follow-up episode after the competition to tell you all I told you so!

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