22 Things to Know About Miss India USA Aaishwariya Gulani

Miss India USA, Pageants & Prosecco

What did the journey to your crown look like? 

My interest in Miss India USA stemmed from my strong cultural roots.  I have been dancing since I was six years old, and have always loved engaging with the Indian community back home through this. 

Going for Miss India USA was a way to mesh my two cultures while pursuing a title outside of my comfort zone and I hope to use my platform to encourage this in all younger women.

I began prepping in the summer of 2019 before I began medical school.  The first pageant, local version, was in November.  Then I prepared over winter break for nationals.  I had some outfit changes and interview prep to be done but the bulk was in the summer. 

My mom helped a lot because I did not have that much time in medical school in between class and everything.  I also had a few sessions with Marianne, a coach in Orlando, who helped me get on track initially because, as I said, this was my first pageant.

What tips would you give to pageant competitors?

Make sure you stay true to yourself.  A lot of struggles I had with pageantry was trying to hide my science and medical background and it never helped.  Only when I began to speak about it during interviews was I able to show my true self.

Do you have a favorite wine, or drink? Rose is my favorite! 

Dream pageant gown designer? Sabyasachi (a famous Indian Designer)

What are your makeup go to’s for a quick beat?

Foundation and mascara, makes you look alive with the bare minimum

What was your first pageant competition? The Miss India Florida

Current read? Embarrassingly, my textbooks 😦 

Which portion of competition is your fave?

I think the talent! I loved getting to share something I’m so passionate about with the audience and judges and make it my own.  I’ve been dancing for so long and learned over 10 different styles! 

If you could travel anywhere despite the pandemic, where would you go?

Iceland, the northern lights are top of my bucket list right now!

How do you balance your pageant, school, and personal life?

Its definitely a lot but i love everything I do and try to make them overlap as much as I can.  Pageantry and medicine have no overlap but making them work together has been such an experience! I try to incorporate medicine in the stuff I do for Miss India such as my appearances or the talks that I host.  I had one with American Medical Women’s Association about going beyond medicine and another thing coming up with a women physicians summit where I will be modeling.

Give us a good motivational quote that inspires you…

“Be the girl who decided to go for it.”

Would you consider yourself a hero?

Hopefully some day!

Who would you consider to be your hero?

My parents!

Drop that skincare routine!

Glossier, Glossier, Glossier!! Three step routine with the face brush to really exfoliate.  Twice a week NY Biology Charcoal mask.

Which artists are on your playlist?

Post Malone, Taylor Swift, and Lauv

How did you decide on your evening gown?

My evening gown was based on the princess vibe i wanted to have.

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Outgoing, enthusiastic, and passionate

Favorite junk food?

Jalapeno kettle chips

One global issue that tugs at your heart:

Global health disparities

What is your favorite movie?

Mean girls!

How do you unwind on a Sunday evening?

Clean the apartment, put on a face mask, get in bed and watch some Netflix before the week begins.

Give us your best Pageant Patty answer: Describe your perfect date?

Beach picnic and sunset walk!


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