Mexican Model With No Arms Wins Miss Nanchital 2020 Title

Mexican model, Ana Gabriela Molina, challenged both the beauty and pageant industry standards by showcasing her disability as a different ability when she was crowned Miss Nanchital 2020.

Ana’s win qualifies her to compete for the state title, Miss Veracruz. She’s one of the first disabled woman in history to compete for Miss Mexico. (Photo Cred: Mexico News Daily)

With Ana’s win at Miss Nanchital, she gained a ton of international attention. She was born with bilateral amelia, a birth defect targeting her arms. However, this is not stopping her from chasing her dreams. During an interview, the 24-year-old shared, “I’ve managed to overcome everything that has happened to me in my whole life.”

Her win qualified her to compete for the upcoming state title, Miss Veracruz. If Anna was to win Miss Veracruz, she would go on to be the first disabled women in history to compete for the coveted Miss Mexico crown.

In addition to being a beauty queen, Ana is a graduate psychology student, motivational speaker, and model!
(Photo Cred: Video Still from EFE)

Beauty pageants are not the only obstacle Ana has had to face. Despite having no arms, she manages to eat, use a mobile phone and write all with her feet. In addition to competing, Ana is also a graduate psychology student, motivational speaker and a part time model.

Ana wishes to inspire those with disabilities not to limit themselves simply because they’re disabled. She explains, “I feel like any other normal person because I’ve lived my life like that. So, for me, my disability is not a limit.”

“I feel like any other normal person because I’ve lived my life like that.” (Photo Cred: Insta)

The Miss Veracruz competition is set to be held March 3rd to the 18thth. If she wins, she will qualify for the national Miss Mexico pageant this June. During her interview, Ana expressed her confidence for the upcoming pageant, “In the contest I will go through the same thing. They will evaluate me in the same way as all the others.”

Will Gabriela win Miss Vercruz becoming the first disabled woman to compete for Miss Mexico? She’s active on instagram and documenting her journey to the crown!

Click on the picture to follow Ana’s journey to the Miss Mexico crown! (Photo Cred: Instagram)


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