Regina Out As Miss America CEO/President

In what seems like the never ending saga of the Miss America competition it has been announced Regina Hopper is no longer the CEO & President of Miss America 2.0 going forward. In a statement sent out by the Miss America Organization on Tuesday they begin with a cryptic message of welcome, “we hope you’re doing well as we dive into a new year and look toward the Miss America 100th anniversary exclamation!”

They then go on to further nonchalantly in a matter-of-fact way tells us, “we are writing to inform you that President and CEO Regina Hopper is no longer with the organization. Miss America Organization Board Chair Shantel Krebs will assume leadership responsibilities on an interim basis as the board begins a search for a new president and CEO.” Girl what?

And so it continues…

It seems like MAO cannot go a week without making noise. Whether its from switching up the style of competition or the subliminal sneak diss to past titleholders causing a social media frenzy, they can’t catch a break. Tuesday was no exception.

Regina joined the Miss America Organization just two years ago in May 2018 when round one of this began with offensive emails from the former president about past titleholders’ appearances. Many pageants fans did not approve of the changes witnessed during last month’s shark-tank style competition. Public perception and faith in this organization began to dwindle when Gretchen Carlson & Regina came on board as the Chairwoman & CEO/President respectively and the famous swimsuit portion was officially eliminated. A first for the pageant founded as a swimsuit competition 99 years ago. This news follows Gretchen’s announcement she was stepping away from the Chair position back in June 2019.

One person eager to post the news was former Miss America Cara Mund, who dealt with the biggest burden of this changing system during her entire reign.

During her reign as Miss America, Cara wrote an open letter to Forever Miss Americas & that year’s class of contestants saying both Regina & Gretchen had “systematically silenced me, reduced me, marginalize me and essentially erase me in my role as Miss America is subtle and not-so-subtle always on a daily basis after a while the parents have clearly emerged in the sheer accumulation of the disrespect, passive aggressive behavior, belittlement in our right exclusion has taken a serious toll.”

-words from Cara Mund about the Chairwoman & President at the time

Her work speaking up may have add some waves in the Miss A front office. Even though she say she supports a nationwide job search, many are calling on the law student to step up with #caraforprez tagged under her picture on Instagram mentioning Regina’s departure.

Speaking to the Press of Atlantic City, Regina said she is proud of the progress made in this short period citing the “successful Miss America 2019 and 2020 competitions and broadcast, and with network and venue negotiations underway for America 2021, the organization is positioned to move forward to deliver the commemoration of its 100th anniversary.”

Read the full statement from MAO then tell us who do you think can turn this pageant around in time for the centennial celebration? Give us your best recommendations down below…


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