Miss World Receives Key to Kingston, Jamaica

Talk about royal treatment! When Tori-Ann Singh won the Miss World title, she had no idea how much of an impact she would make not only all over the world, but in her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica too. The Queen was honored with the key to the city! The ceremony was ratified by the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, making this the highest honor the city can bestow to one of their residents.

Tori was honored as part of her homecoming tour at the Emancipation Park in St. Andrew with Councilor Tosha Schwapp, leading the ceremony. She shared her pride for her achievements and how the national win has brought the Caribbean nation “immense joy and happiness,” because many Jamaicans see Miss World as one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants.

Tori-Ann’s first picture after she arrived to Jamaica during her homecoming tour! (Photo Cred: Instagram)

During her remarks, the Councilor said, “Toni-Ann distinguished herself during the competition and made us proud and will promote Brand Jamaica.” Brand Jamaica is the country’s effort to attract more businesses to the country and also ensure that more Jamaican brands become internationally known and recognized. After announcing the collaboration, Councilor Schwapp said not only were Kingston natives proud of Tori, but how it’s a win for all Jamaicans, “we are proud to know that this ‘little and tallawah’ young lady has placed us again on the map.”

During her homecoming tour, Tori-Ann exclaimed, “This is your crown!” (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Tori-Ann is the 4th Jamaican to win the coveted Miss World crown. The last Jamaican winner was Lisa Hanna, Miss World 1993. Singh won the international title in London back in November 2019. Her win also made 2019 the first ever year Black Women won the two most prestigious beauty pageant titles: Miss Universe and Miss World out of the Big 4. Tori-Ann is currently on her world tour to volunteer, speak on global issues and serves as an international public figure. You go Tori-Ann! 

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