From Miss USA to CEO, Deshauna Barber Accepts New Job Supporting Women in the Military

2020 is off to an amazing start in the pageant world! New year, means new goals and news bags to secure. Congratulations are in order for former Miss USA, Deshauna Barber, who made a career move as the President and CEO of the nation’s leading 501c3, Service Women’s Action Network or SWAN. She announced the news via social media on Wednesday.

SWAN’s mission is “support, connect, and advocate for service women-past, present, and future.” Their vision is to eventually become the United States’ largest and most influential network of service women, working to advance their rights and pave the way for future growth. 

Deshauna left a lucrative government job as an IT Analyst for the Department of Commerce to compete for Miss USA (Photo Cred: Instagram)

In order to shine more light on Service Women’s Action Network, Deshauna explained to her following she see this position as “advocating on behalf of all service women and women veterans.” As an army reserve captain herself, this organization means a lot to her, raving about SWAN saying, “this organization has an amazing history of being bold and direct about the needs of all service women and women veterans.”

SWAN plays a huge role in helping  military women conquer the issues they come across by offering reproductive health services, hold sex offenders accountable in the military justice system and works to eliminates these barriers military members face with their disability claims after experiencing sexual trauma.

Growing up, Deshauna was known as a “military brat” since both of her parents served in the military for over 20 years. This meant over the course of her parents’ careers, they moved several times often within only a few weeks notice. At just 17, Deshauna decided to enlist in the United States Army Reserve. During her years, she rose through the ranks to become an Army Captain. Currently she is the logistics commander in the United States Army Reserve.

Women soldiers from all military branches of the United States Army. (Photo Cred: Service Women’s Action Network)

Deshauna was crowned Miss USA 2016, in June 2016. She made history that night being the first woman to win who was serving as active duty. She place top 9 at the 2016 Miss Universe competition. During her reign, she used her crown to promote and raise awareness about veteran issues, specifically post-traumatic stress disorders. She launched an international speaking career following her reign. One of her talking points, is discussing sexual abuse as a survivor of child sexual abuse herself. Her commencement address, The 5 Steps Glory, delivered at her alma mater Virginia State University, went viral reaching millions of people online.

Photo of Deshauna’s crowning moment next to a selfie during her active duty! (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Service Women’s Action Network was founded in 2007. According to their website, it’s one of the only groups which advocates and supports the needs of both service women and women veterans.

Prior to accepting this new CEO position for Service Women’s Action Network, Deshauna was interviewed several times throughout the course of the 3-month-long hiring process. She felt incredibly blessed to be able to take on the position. “I am so thankful to be a part of it’s history,” Deshauna said, “I look forward to the lives that will be impacted during my tenure as President of this organization!”

Congrats Deshauna!

Nia Franklin Releases Debut Single ‘Earth Sun’

Who says life after pageantry still doesn’t open doors? Pageantry certainly opened doors for Miss America 2019, Nia Franklin. Following her reign, her first single, Earth Sun was just released on Friday.

UPDATE!! Nia Franklin just announced she will be joining the cast of “The King and I” by Rodgers and Hammerstein in March. It’s the first opera for the former titleholder and composer.

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Nia explained how her love of music started at a young age inspired from her parents, “I just have vivid memories of my parents playing Stevie Wonder all throughout the house when I was growing up.” She began her singing career as a member of her church’s choir, which, she says “is where I got my foundation from.” Nia soon found her passion for opera and went on to study music composition.

Photo of young Nia that she posted in celebration of reaching 50k followers. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

She was crowned Miss America 2019 in September 2018 as the second woman crowned under the Miss America 2.0 umbrella but first to be crowned in the new competition format than what pageant fans were accustomed to. For the first time in the pageants’ history there was no swimsuit portion so the talent category made up 50% of the contestants’ composite score on finals night. An increase from 35% in years past. Given Nia’s natural born pipes, this new scoring format was arguably her greatest strength and she gave one of the strongest performances that night during the entire competition. She sung the soprano aria, “Quando m’en’vo” from the opera, La Bohème. Upon winning the crown Nia said she felt nothing but pure joy.

Franklin performing her talent at Miss America 2019 in this red stunner from Cocos Chateau Gowns (Photo Cred: Instagram)

That sense of joy returns now with the official musical debut of her single Earth Sun. During her interview with Seacrest, Nia proclaimed, “This is kind of my introduction to the world.” Nia explained that, prior to this single, she had only released music on Soundcloud. This is her first song released on all music streaming services.

While their styles may be different, Nia draws musical inspiration from singer Kelly Rowland, who judged the competition this year. “I got great advice on how to jumpstart my music career with Kelly Rowland who left a powerhouse like Destiny’s Child to break out on her own,” Nia recently posted on social media page about how Kelly’s her musical inspiration.

Franklin’s social media post about former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

To promote the release of her new song, Nia posted a raw video of her performing Earth Sun on Instagram. The video puts Nia’s singing and keyboard abilities on full display as her voice resonates throughout the short performance. In her post she said, “Earth Sun by me, streaming everywhere now. Have you listened to it yet?”

You can hear her new single on all major music streaming services including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Grab your glass and tune in to our Pageants & Prosecco episode featuring Nia Franklin shortly after she was crowned last year.

Miss Earth USA, Libby Hill Recruits Titleholders To Clean Up California Coast

Miss Earth USA 2019, Libby Hill, traded her heels and evening gown for sneakers and a t-shirt as she and other titleholders worked as volunteers for the Clean Earth Project. An organization located in California focused on keeping the state’s beaches clean.Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.43.17 PM.png

Pageants & Prosecco reached out to Libby Hill for more deets about the clean up efforts. She told us as part of her Miss Earth USA platform, focused on coastal restoration, “I decided to make a trip to California” and partnered with the Clean Earth Project. Fortunately, she was not alone in her mission.(Photo Cred: Instagram)

Help came from local Miss California Earth USA titleholders and Miss Kansas USA 2019, Alyssa Klinzing also took the time out to volunteer with the women. The group worked hard together picking up trash and cleaning up Huntington Beach.

Hill’s platform during her reign as Miss Earth USA, is centered around coastal restoration, making her partnership with The Cleanup Project a natural one. In hopes of aspiring more volunteers, she says getting your girls together can be one of the easiest ways to help Mother Earth, “There are so many fun ways to contribute, including a group, or even solo, trash pickup.”

The experience served not only as a way to help the environment but allowed her to closely bond with her sister queens. She thanking the Miss Earth system for, “The opportunity to connect with so many like-minded women!”Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.42.34 PM.png

Miss Earth USA 2019, Libby Hill, picking up trash (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Hill shared with Pageants & Prosecco, the Clean Earth Project provided the tools, “They helped me get Garbo grabbers for all my volunteers!” In exchange for their work, she did a social media takeover for Clean Earth to increase their awareness about their Cleanup Project and campaigns.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 12.43.06 PM.png
Miss Earth USA 2019, Libby Hill, posing with a pooch! (Photo Cred: Instagram)

The Clean Earth Project began around 9 years ago. The company sought inspiration from other environmental organizations with a similar vision and passion for a cleaner environment, specifically targeting beaches and coastal communities.

The Clean Earth Project works with volunteers on their beach cleanup efforts by giving guidance on the proper gear and supplies for them to use in a clean and sanitary way, because the organization’s knowledge on how to properly do this, Clean Earth is officially considered a premier environmental litter cleanup company.

Libby assumed the title of Miss Earth USA 2019, after the original winner, Emanii Jovan, was crowned Miss Earth Air 2019, at the international Miss Earth pageant. The assumption of the title meant a lot to Libby since she had only competed in pageants for a year, “It’s hard to imagine that only last year I walked onto a pageant stage for the first time, and now I’m in the position to represent the United States as a voice for environmental consciousness and activism.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 3.01.44 PM.png
Libby took on the role of Miss Earth USA at the end of 2019 after competing as Miss Gulf Coast at nationals. (Photo Cred: Instagram).

The Project hosts several cleanup events in California throughout the year to not only help increase engagement, but to also help spread awareness of the harmful effects littering can have on the Pacific ocean. Their partnerships with other environmental organizations increases their volunteers’ education of climate change issues happening to find solutions.

People outside of California can take part in Clean Earth Project by buying eco-friendly apparel such as t-shirts, sweaters, or hoodies. Customer proceeds will go directly to funding the organization’s efforts.

Catriona Gray Gets Star on Walk of Fame (SEE VIDEO OF UNVEIL)

Miss Universe 2017 Catriona Gray made history when her Star on the Eastwood City Walk of Fame was unveiled in the Philippines on Sunday. She joined eight other celebrities also inducted into the 14th Walk of Fame class. Gray led this year’s list and was recognized for her work in the television industry in the Philippines.

Catriona Gray
Cat is making waves as a singer and personality since he reign in 2018. She’s reached 8.2 million followers on Instagram!! Photo Cred: Mark Demayo/ ABS-CBN News

This year’s German Moreno Walk of Fame Awardees included Catriona Gray, comedian Jo Koy, Nanette Inventor, Edu Manzano, Jun Banaag, Jiggy Manicad, Kim Atienza, Alex Gonzaga and Rachelle Ann Go. The Eastwood Walk of Fame is on the same scale as the Hollywood Walk of Fame reserved for the best of the best in their field and area of influence. This was the first year social media was included as an official category, allowing influencer Alex Gonzaga to be included this year’s list.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray
All 9 inductees were honored for dedication to their respective industries and for honoring the Moreno legacy. Photo Cred: Mark Demayo/ ABS-CBN News

All nine of the inductees made significant contributions to the television, social media, music, movies, government, theater, news field with Gray’s work as Miss Universe helping to further lift the country’s presence in the pageant world. Her historic win provided the Philippines with their second Miss Universe crown in three years, after Pia Wurtzbach nabbed the title in 2015. Pia received her brass star in November 2018.

Watch the moment Cat’s star was unveiled below:

This video doesn’t exist

Congratulations Cat!

Cat Gray
Catriona Gray received her star for her work in television in the Philippines. Photo Cred: Eastwood City Mall & Cornerstone

Miss Black America Ryann Richardson Endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President

Pageantry turned political this week when Miss Black America Ryann Richardson posted her endorsement for Pete Buttigieg as our next President, a first for the pageant industry. In what’s otherwise considered a taboo topic, not just in pageantry but also at the Thanksgiving table, Richardson decided to share her thoughts on who she believed should be next in line for the Oval Office.

Traditionally, contestants are encouraged to keep their political views to themselves or answer an onstage question very middle ground with no bias in a bipartisan-like manner. It’s always been considered not pageant like and separatism in fact if a titleholder expressed even what her party affiliation was because of the fear of alienating the opposing parties and not being able to reach everyone at appearances during her reign. There was fear of missing out on deals, contracts or butting heads with directors if a titleholder was too one sided in her thinking and expressed them in public her crown and sash.

Miss Black America Ryann Richardson took to social media to officially endorese Pete Buttigieg as President. The pair met during an event for the Congressional Black Caucus last year. Photo Cred: Ryann Richardson

In a first for this new 2020 era of the definition of who a titleholder is, she decided to not only express her views but officially go on record to endorse and encourage her followers to vote for Mayor Pete at the polls.

We reached out to Ryann about her decision and speaking to Pageants & Prosecco about her thought-piece, she said she felt it was important to add her voice in the 2020 election cycle conversation. Not simply because she is holding a national title but rather out of pure civic duty and what she explains is responsibility to her community, “You could argue that Miss Black America, because of it origins as an act of protest, does exist in a unique space in the ‘pageant world.'” She continues,

Richardson served as Miss District of Columbia USA in 2017 when Kara McCullogh won Miss USA. She’s competed in the Miss America system & was Miss Philadelphia in 2009. Photo: Instagram

With 20K followers on IG for this TEDx Speaker & one of the youngest honorees on the Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America list, Richardson says it is ultimately irresponsible of her to sit out here voiceless “when I believe our community is facing a critical opportunity in this election.” Calling the move to speak up an important one to prevent anyone who’s listening from making the wrong decision at the polls.

In the op-ed she wrote for The Grio, Richardson talked about why she chose the millennial veteran, pointing to his honesty addressing his weak spots as the Mayor of South Bend, his leadership and intellect. Her endorsement might help Buttigieg’s campaign which is looking at dismal polling numbers among Black voters.

According to the lastest Washington Post/Ipsos poll, 21% of Black voters right now view Buttigieg as ‘unfavorable.’ The highest in the crowded Democratic nomination party, besides newly-entered billionaire Mike Bloomberg (25%). With the Iowa Democratic caucuses in just a few weeks, some fear he might not reach enough of these voters in time to nab this critical state for any of the 13 candidates. These Iowa caucus’ results are going to shed light on where they all stand in the Black community’s mind. On the other side, he does lead in Black votes 57-4 if it were up to them choosing between him or 45 for round 2.

Photo Cred: Ryann Richardson

“It’s fair to say my opinion may be an unpopular one … for now. It would surely be easier to keep my head down and not weigh in. But I’ve never been afraid to be first and I was raised to live in my truth.”

Richardson for

She wrote about how growing up in D.C. gave her a first hand look at the voting process as a kid visiting the election polls with her parents and watching each new President get sworn in every 4 years.

However as she grew up and the realities of oppression and her “double strike” as a woman first and then as a person of color (or vice versa) became real, she writes, “With each election, I intuitively knew how my country would move, even when it was counter to my own desires.”

It took courage for Richardson to share her political views and she admittedly said she was sick of seeing hatred being spewd out online and was considering “clock[ing] out on America for a while to preserve my own mental health.” Who wouldn’t blame her? Twitter is full of constant dialogue, discussions and the true thoughts of keyboard happy anonymous trolls just saying anything now a days.

“The attitudes of the basest corners of our society, once fodder for faceless Twitter trolls, are now promoted from verified accounts with names and Congressional seats and endorsements from the highest office in the land.”

What do you think about titleholders endorsing a candidate, whether local, state or national? You can read the full article here and comment your thoughts below.

Miss Earth 2010, Nicole Faria, Marries Rohan Powar

Congratulations are in order for former Miss Earth, Nicole Faria!! She just tied the knot with her long-time beau of 5 years, Rohan Powar.

The couple first met when Powar, who was born in America, visited India during an internship & according to his Carnegie Mellon University bio, works in the automotive manufacturing industry.

In 2018, Powar returned to the United States to complete his MBA at Carnegie Mellon. However right before he was going to leave, Nicole and their friends decided to throw him a farewell party. It was a party for her too as he turned it from a farewell party to an engagement party when he surprised her with a proposal!

Shortly after the engagement she spoke on the moment with Time of India saying everyone knew he was going to propose but her.

Everyone knew that he was going to ask me to marry him — everyone except me, of course. He got down on one knee at the party and proposed in front of everyone.

She also said even though they spoke of getting married previously, because he surprised her they couple has no date in mind just yet and are going to enjoy this period of their relationship, but did give us a hint as to where the nuptials will take place.

“We are sure that the wedding will take place somewhere in India.”

The pair are true #relationshipgoals. She’s not the only one making history, he was the first foreign employee at an Indian company of 3,000 nationals. He quickly rose in ranks to become the Director of Operations over Mexico and United Arab Emirates.

The Official Miss Earth page congratulated the couple on their new marriage. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Faria represented India at the 2010 Miss Earth pageant in Vietnam. She was the first and so far only Miss India Earth to have won the coveted title.

After she brought home the crown, the President of India honored her with an award for being the first Indian woman and Miss India to win the coveted Miss Earth title. Since her reign as Miss Earth 2010, Faria has gone on to the world of show business as both a successful model and actress.

Nicola has been featured on the covers Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Starring in the 2014, Bollywood film, Yaariyan.

The country of India honored Nicole for her historic win as the first Indian woman crowned Miss Earth. (Photo Cred: Missosology)

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Miss Earth USA 2018, Yashvi Aware, Sets Sights on Miss D.C.USA Crown

Miss Earth USA 2018, Yashvi Aware, officially announced she is competing at the Miss D.C. USA 2020 pageant as Miss Mount Vernon USA 2020. Yashvi shared the news of her new title through a video posted on her social media page to her followers. The pageant is set to take place this month, January 18-19th.

Yashvi’s video post about her “special announcement” of her 2020 Miss Mount Vernon USA title. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

The reason for Yashvi’s late announcement was due to recovering from surgery, “I decided really last minute to compete because I was healing from my ankle surgery.”

Yashvi’s ankle also gave her a little bit of a struggle during her reign as Miss Earth USA and has had multiple surgeries on it, landing in the hospital twice while competing at the international pageant. At one point during her reign, she was in a cast and needed crutches to walk. Despite her injury, Yashvi is pushing through in her recovery and is working hard to prepare for the Miss DC competition, “I’m running again, wearing heels, and volunteering all over the district.”

Aware in the hospital during the 2018 Miss Earth pageant (Photo Cred: Facebook)

Yashvi was crowned Miss Earth USA 2018, on July 15, 2018, at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center located in Virginia. The Miss Earth USA and Miss Earth pageants are centered around environmentalism and is based off the concept of Beauty With A Purpose. This means contestants should not only prepare to walk the runway, but to be able to speak about an environmental cause they are passionate about as well.

One of Aware’s headshots as Miss Earth USA 2018 (Photo Cred: Instagram)

After being crowned Miss Earth USA, Yashvi traveled the world, modeled in New York Fashion Week, volunteered, and spoke about her environmental platform “The Future is Green.”

Her platform choice was due to the fact she wanted to be a “more responsible citizen.” Although winning the crown presented her a lot of opportunities, she had to make hard sacrifices in order to fully commit to her reign, “I gave up so much to be here at Miss Earth including my real job and education as a psychologist, because I’ve always believed in my greater purpose to serve others.”

Yashvi volunteering during her reign as Miss Earth USA 2018 (Photo Cred: Facebook)

Yashvi’s inspiring fighter mentality seemed to stick with her post-crown as she somehow finds the time to prepare for the pageant and plan a wedding. Yashvi and her fiancé, Ashu Suri, got engaged August 31, 2018 in Washington D.C. in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Ashu made Yashvi believe they were going to a photoshoot which she said was, “Not out of the ordinary in my life.”

Suri and Aware moments after their engagement (Photo Cred: Facebook)

The surprises continued, “Somehow I was blindfolded and when I opened my eyes, this handsome man was on his knee asking me to marry him surrounded by all our friends, plus a bunch of tourists cheering us on!” To this day Yashvi claims it was, “The best day of my life.”

In her video announcement Yashvi thanked her followers and asked them for continued support as she prepares for the competition, “Please continue following my journey, thank you all so much for the support you’ve given me this past year since I’ve been recovering.”

Photo of Aware in her Miss Mount Vernon 2020 crown and sash (Photo Cred: Instagram)

The 2020 Miss D.C. USA pageant is set to take place at the Carpenter Theatre at the Dominion Energy Center from 2:00-8:00 PM, January 18-19th. Interviews are scheduled for Saturday, January 18th. The rest of the preliminaries will take place on Sunday, January 19th at 2:00 PM.

Finals for Miss D.C. USA is on Sunday, January 19th at 8:00 PM. Will Yashvi win the coveted Miss D.C. USA 2020 crown? We’ll have to wait and see.

Former Miss Teen USA Named New Catfish CoHost

The world of social media & pageantry combine on MTV tonight as former Miss Teen USA, Kamie Crawford makes her debut as the newest cohost of the popular MTV docu-series, Catfish.

Crawford announced the news to her followers on Wednesday. She will cohost all episodes of the new season with longtime host and founder, Nev Schulman.

Crawford is replacing beloved Catfish cameraman Max Joseph. She said she had to pray during the taping of the first episode because things get heated.
(Photo Cred: Instagram)

When Crawford was initially invited on the show to guest host in September 2018, she first thought it was a joke, “I thought I was being Catfished.” However, she later accepted the invitation after realizing the offer was indeed real.

Crawford was a guest cohost for several episodes on the show last season and loved every minute of it,

“All of the support I got from fans of the show was amazing, but I was just happy to be there for as long as they would have let me.”
In July 2019, Crawford received a call from Schulman asking her if she wanted to be a part of the show fulltime as the new cohost. She was elated saying, “Of course, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops.”

She is replacing longtime cohost, Max Joseph, who left the show to focus on his filmmaking career. Crawford made a point in her post to ensure her followers she is not trying to replace him, “I hope I can make him, Nev, and Catfish fans proud as we move into season 8 and beyond!”

Catfish’s official announcement of Crawford becoming the new cohost. Former Miss USA, Deshauna Barber certainly approves of their decision. (Photo Cred: Instagram)

Crawford was crowned Miss Teen USA on July 24th, 2010 at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas, representing as Miss Maryland Teen USA. Upon being crowned, she won a $100,000 scholarship, moved to New York City sharing an apartment with Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete and Miss USA Rima Fakih.

After her reign as Miss Teen USA, Crawford enrolled in classes at the New York Film Academy. Her time there led her into the world of acting, modeling and hosting, which eventually led her to the MTV hit show, Catfish.

Crawford being crowned Miss Teen USA 2010 at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. (Photo Cred: Miss Universe)

Catfish began airing in 2012 featuring Nev & Max. The two came up with the idea for the show following Schulman’s very own catfish experience.

In 2007, he met and fell in love with a woman named “Megan” online. Over the course of 7 months, he and Megan exchanged text messages and even talked on the phone. However, everything fell apart when Schulman finally met Megan in person. Megan turned out to be Angela! Several years later, in 2010, the documentary, Catfished, was released featuring footage of his catfish encounter with Angela/Megan.

Following the documentary’s release, Schulman’s DMs was bombarded with people sharing similar experiences asking for his help. This inspired him and longtime friend and camera operator Joseph to create hit the show. Debuting with 2.7 millions viewers during it’s very first episode.

The MTV docu-series is still going strong after 7 seasons of success. Season 8 premieres tonight, January 8th at 8:00 p.m. EST. and will be Crawford’s debut as the new fulltime cohost of Catfish.

Pageant Queens Rally Followers For Help With Australian Wildfires

Unfortunately, the Australian wildfires are still ablaze burning more than 17.9 million acres across Australia’s six states and is estimated to have killed nearly half a billion of the nation’s wildlife. This tragedy has inspired both past and current pageant queens to reach out to their following on social media to not only help raise awareness, but to also raise money for organizations working to stop the wildfires and protect the wildlife.

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, posted a selfie with her and a koala sharing her devastation toward the Australian wildfires, “It’s so devastating to see what the bushfires have done to the human and animal lives across this beautiful country.” Culpo went on to encourage her followers to donate to organizations like Red Cross Australia, Wires Wildlife Rescue and Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. She then noted how her fans could make a difference, “If we all help, even a little bit, a huge impact can be made.” 

Miss World Australia 2019, Sarah Marsckee, shared her heartbreak about her country to her followers by posting a current news video of the wildfires in action. She began the post with the words, “Our remarkable country is on fire and has been on fire for over two months.” Marsckee proceeded to thank not only the firefighters working to control the flames, but to people who opened up their homes, and to those who have donated funds and supplies as well. She went on and said, “My thoughts and prayers are with you all through this hard time.” Marsckee then shared with her followers links to organizations that they could donate to not only help the people effected by the wildfires, but also the Australian wildlife. The list included organizations like the Salvation Army, and RSPCA.

Miss Earth 2020, Nellys Pimental, shared a video to her followers explaining the environmental impact the wildfires have had on the country. “Rising temperatures due to climate change have aggravated damages.” Pimental then mentioned how the wildfires have hurt Australian wildlife. “The koala has officially entered the functionally extinct list of species.” The video ended with Pimental encouraging her following to take action and help in any way they can with the statement, “Nature relies on us.” Her post also included the links to donate to organizations such as Rural Fire Service and Port Macquire Koala Hospital. 

Experts said the wildfires origin is of both natural and human causes. Australia has experienced the worst drought in decades, making it easy for wildfires to start. Climate change has also worsened the impact and destruction of the wildfires due to weather conditions becoming more extreme. At least 24 people were charged by the NSW police for deliberately starting bushfires. According to a police statement, the police have taken legal action against 183 people for fire related offenses. As of now over 2,000 firefighters are working on the ground in NSW alone with more support from the US, Canada, and New Zealand sending in more firefighters to help put out the flames.

Miss America Fans Drag Org For Sharing Negative Article On Their Facebook Page

No doubt the Leadership team at Miss America are scrambling right now after Miss America fans (and critics) gave the MAO front office the read of their lives on Sunday after someone on their social media team shared an article from The List, The Untold Truth of Miss America 2020 Winner Camille Schrier.

Even though MAO didn’t provide the info or pictures for the article, fans still dragged them for this picture featured. Photo Cred: Instagram

In the article, the writer Blaire Erskine called the MAO system sketchy and posted a hyperlink to another article on it’s site Sketchy Things Everyone Just Ignores About Miss America written by another writer Shira Danan. The Sketchy Things article, dated during the Sam Haskell era, talks about the system’s racist history of banning women of African descent from competing, organizers telling Miss America 1945 Beth Meyerson (a daughter of Russian and Jewish immigrants) to change her last name to sound less Jewish, Vanessa Williams’ saga and a handful of other negative press MAO endured over their storied history.

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In the now-deleted article shared on the MAO official Facebook page, Erskine takes statements from Schrier’s interviews with the BBC, her social media captions, the Miss Virginia website, a handful of other media outlets including VCU News, the school paper for Virginia Commonwealth University, the school Schrier is currently studying at for her doctorate in pharmacy and twists her words around to sound as if Miss America is bashing her 2.0 systems’ former life during the 1.0 time.

The article claims Schrier was not even interested in competing for the title under it’s traditional categories and format. She’s also quoted as saying she does not see Miss America as a beauty pageant anymore.

Camille is quoted as saying she only began competing locally after MAO changed to their 2.0 format. A move many took as not paying homage to the pageant’s foundation and a disregard to the contestants who competed in swimsuits. Photo Cred: Miss America Organization

The comment section exploded with people immediately criticizing the MAO social media handlers for sharing an article that arguably does not put them in a positive light. Many people, still scorned at the way the competition was held last month, expressed their utter done-ness with Miss America 2.0. Some felt by MAO sharing this article, it’s the organization’s way of slapping the previous titleholders crowned under 1.0 in the faces and doing an about face heading into a 2.0 tragedy right before it’s 100th year anniversary.

The 100th year anniversary of the Miss America competition is in September 2021. Photo Cred: Miss America Organization

Other comments came at the definition of who is a scientist/biochemist considering Camille is still in school, while others said crowning a scientist is no new feat in the pageant world and her talent was “an elementary school level” demonstration. Some people even went as far as saying her “unusual” talent should not be a media talking point when many contestants train years for their artistic displays i.e. dancing, baton twirling, piano etc.

Fans are still debating if sciences experiments and demos are deemed Miss America talent worthy based of skill level. Schrier won the Miss America Preliminary Talent Award. Photo Cred: B. Vartan Boyajian/MAO

The overall theme of the fans were how disappointed they are in MAO’s PR department sharing an article of this nature in the first place with many people questioning the organization’s motives to share media which condescends the pageant’s barely-recent 1.0 past and the dismissal of the contestants who competed before Gretchen took the helms.

However their PR team seemed to have scrolled through the comments and jumped on deleting the shared article off their Facebook page. Now to see if they are going to release a statement about the fuss made or sweep this little incident under the rug. Time will tell.